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Literature: "Sense and Sensibility" by Jane Austen

This site has an on-line version of “Sense and Sensibility”, chapter synopsis, and biographical information about Jane Austen. Behind the scene video clips provide background on the characters, costumes, and set location. Included is an eThemes Resource on Author Study: Jane Austen.


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Use this guide along with PBS Masterpiece Theatre productions of six of Jane Austen's novels. Biographical information, societal background, and comparisons with current films are provided.
Learn why this version of "Sense and and Sensibility" was made. Through video clips, the actors, producers, costume designers discuss the novel.
This site provides a summary of the plot of "Sense and Sensibility". NOTE: This site includes banner and other types of ads.
Investigate the life of Jane Austen, "Sense and Sensibility" and her other novels. This site provides on-line books, a word search game, and 18th century fashion information. NOTE: This site contains ads.
These sites are about the author Jane Austen. There is biographical and historical information as well as lesson plans for teaching her novels, including "Pride and Prejudice", "Emma", "Persuasion", and "Sense and Sensibility."

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