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Country: Argentina

Learn about Argentina and its geography, history, and culture. Read about the country’s noted national heroes, an overview of Latin America, and links to Spanish language sites. Includes eThemes resources on Latin American Culture and Spanish for Middle and High School.


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This PDF file produced by the Argentine government features information in English on Argentine history, patriotic symbols, patriotic dates, the population, religion, language, geography and climate, major cities, maps and world heritages to humanity.
Learn about the many tourist attractions available throughout Argentina in English, Spanish or Portugese. This site explores the regions of the country such as Litoral, the North, Cuyo, Patagonia, Cordoba and Bueno Aires. Types of tourism featured on this site include: active, cultural, sports, special interests, health, and world heritage.
Read this authentic Argentine online newspaper in English and learn about the happenings in the lives of everyday Argentinians. This online resource features past and present editions of the newspaper with sections on Argentina, the world, Latin America, entertainment, sports, multimedia, as well as classifieds. NOTE: This site includes ads. NOTE: This site leads to websites with discussion boards. (forums, message boards, etc.)
From the U.S. State Department website, learn about Argentina and its people, history, government, political conditions, economy, defense, foreign relations, U.S. relations, and travel/business.
This site provides general information about Argentina, including sections on its geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues.
Quiz yourself on how well you know Argentina. NOTE: This site includes pop-up and banner ads. NOTE: This site leads to websites with discussion boards. (blogs, forums, message boards, etc.)
Explore the terrain of Argentina using the collection of Argentine maps featured in the University of Texas' Perry-Castaneda Library's Map Collection. NOTE: This site leads to websites with discussion boards. (forums, message boards, etc.)
Read about the origins and history of the Argentine Tango.
Watch a brief video of a couple dancing the Argentine Tango. NOTE: This site includes a discussion board.
Play tourist in Argentina! This site features information on when to go and the weather, work and study, hotes, maps, places of interest, getting there and around, history, tips and articles. NOTE: This site includes ads. NOTE: This site includes a forum.
These sites are about the culture and life of the people of Latin America and Latin Americans in the United States. There is information about Latin American music, dance, art, and heritage. One site for girls has information about blending Latin American and American heritage. Includes links to eThemes on South America and various countries in Latin America.
Students can use these sites to become familiar with the Spanish language and culture. Many of these sites have audio files. Included are eThemes resources on Spanish for elementary school and Spanish speaking countries.

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