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Transportation: Automobiles

These sites focus on automobile transportation. Read about the development of the first automoblies as well as the electric cars of today. Contains photographs of old and new cars. Also includes information about the parts of cars and their functions.


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From the Library of Congress, a collection of photos from 1880-1920.
The introduction and impact of automobiles in the early 1900s.
Read about the change from horses to cars. Includes information about a few major events in car history.
This article tells about the newest trend in automobiles, hybrid electric cars. Learn about the advantages to this type of automobile.
This online photo exhibit is about cars and the American love of them. "Image Gallery" contains photos of older automobiles. "Essays" contains writings about cars and Americans.
Take a look at the past and future of cars. Choose from the links on the left.
This short chapter covers the invention of the car. Take the "Chapter Three Quiz" located near the bottom.
This short chapter tells about the different problems that traveling by cars can cause. Take the "Chapter Four Quiz" over the reading to see what you learned.
See photographs of different Ford cars from the 1800s to 1986 from the Henry Ford Museum. Click on them to read about the history of the car.
These sites give a brief overview of the history of transportation. Topics covered include women in transportation, transportation clipart, museum information, and more. Links to eThemes Resources on specific modes of transporation are included.

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