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Computer Programming: Scratch

Learn more about the Scratch programming language: what is it, where it can be downloaded, and how it can be used in the classroom. Engage your students in problem solving and mathematics while teaching them how to design their own interactive stories, animations, games and more. Find additional Scratch resources including detailed lesson plans with corresponding video tutorials, a Use this rubric to grade students first Scratch game design projects.Scratch project planning flowchart, storyboard and grading rubrics.


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Explore the homepage for Scratch, a new programming language designed to enable you to create your own interactive activities. View projects created by others using Scratch, Upload your own projects, get support or discuss your thoughts. NOTE: This site has a discussion board. (forum, message board, etc.)
Learn more about Scratch, including: how to find and download Scratch, network (LAN) issues in a classroom, embedding Scratch, and Scratch projects on a "Live CD-ROM"
Download this Scratch users guide to walk you through the basics of using the programming language and begin creating interactive stories, animations, games, and more.
Scratch tutorials include motion and sound; repeating actions; playing with color; creating your own sprites; speaking and thinking; creating image effects; sounds, voices and music; and creating animations.
Explore the Scratch programming language in greater depth with these 24 tutorials designed to walk you step-by-step through the development of your own interactive activities.
Teach your students to design any of the over thirty interactive activities provided in this collection of tutorials for Scratch.
Explore closed-path motion as a 360 degree net movement using Scratch programming.
Learn about variables by using Scratch motion and shapes functions to draw tessellations.Through experimentation learn what dictates that a shape can form a tessellation.
Learn how to get your sprite to eat things for a Snackman game in Scratch.
Using the Scratch program, create a sprite that glides randomly around your world, while you try to hit it with your canon.
Use this flowchart to help students plan their Scratch projects.
Plan your Scratch projects step-by-step using this storyboard template.
Assess your students' Scratch projects with this rubric.
Use this rubric to grade students first Scratch game design projects.

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