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Teaching Tips: Webquests

Theses sites are about WebQuests. Learn about WebQuests and their elements, characteristics of good WebQuests, and creating WebQuests. Includes examples, templates, resources to be used in different content areas and grade levels.


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This tool is offered by Tom March, one of the developers of the original WebQuest concept. It asks teachers to consider the key elements of a WebQuest and to evaluate how well the plans align with WebQuest fundamentals.
This article at Education World provides a good overview of the WebQuest development process.
This site provides useful information about WebQuests including what is a WebQuest, key elements, and WebQuest resources.
Find resources and interactive worksheets on the right box (WebQuests for learning) for creating a WebQuest.
Learn about different types of WebQuests that you can design to enhance student learning.
This site provides a template and guidelines for creating each section of a WebQuest. Examples are included.
This is a searchable WebQuest database maintained by the San Diego State University. You can search by key word, subjects, and grade levels. There is also useful information and a template for creating WebQuests.
This page compiles a list of WebQuests by content area and grade level. Click on a number in a matrix cell to go to the WebQuest. NOTE: This site has links to external websites.
This is a compilation of WebQuests created by in eMINTS teachers. The WebQuests are arranged by grade level and content area. There are also useful resources about WebQuests available.
This site provides examples of WebQuests and guideline for creating a WebQuest. NOTE: This site has links led to external websites.

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