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Literature: Young Adult Book Clubs for Struggling Readers

Find book lists for reluctant and struggling readers. Tips on organizing book clubs for young adults, author videos, and book trailers are provided. An eThemes link to Literature: Book Clubs for High School Students has additional sites.


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Chosen by young adults, these annotated book lists provide a guide for book selection. Lists from prior years and bookmarks are available.
This annual list from American Library Association's YALSA division suggests books that teens, ages 12-18, will pick up on their own and read for pleasure. The list has a variety of genres, fiction and nonfiction. Lists from prior years can also be accessed.
Use this site to discover booklists to engage reluctant or struggling teen readers. Browse the lists for a variety of genres. Author videos and book discussion guides are available.
Organizing a book club with direction and accountability is the focus of this site. Students will learn to use wikis to complete collaborative homework assignments.
Through this activity, students will discover the value of private and collaborative reading experiences. They group themselves into book clubs by "selling" the titles they pick to one another. Additional activities include responding to text in journals or digitally, creating digital character studies, and making a video book trailer.
Use this site for many tips for promoting reading to teens.
Book clubs, book discussion groups, and literature circles are popular with all ages. These sites will help students find books to read. Students will also find tips for running their own book club. eThemes resources include information on literature circles and many award winning book lists.

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