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Reading Skills: Phonetic Word Builders

These sites are about the reading skills of phonetic word builders. Engage students in meaningful practice building and sounding out words. Each site provides an activity to enlist students in building words by putting sounds together.


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Not sure how to start teaching phonics to your emergent readers; the site includes professional development resources, online activities, and lesson plans and classroom activities. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Learn activities for teaching basic code to emergent readers. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Have your students practice their decoding skills using these interactive activities.
Learn how struggling readers view reading, how their parents view their children's struggles, and how teachers view struggling students, and learn strategies for helping them. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This site includes phonics worksheets for decoding words.
These two hands-on activities involve using large, moveable alphabet letters to build three letter phonetic words.
This activity from ReadWriteThink engages students in word building. Students use magazines and books to recognize rime. Construct-a-Word is an interactive word building tool.
Lessons and activities to research-based instruction in learning to read. Professional articles for educators on teaching reading with applications for the classroom.
Students can practice making words, listen to stories, plays, and fables. Engaging interactive activities allow students to progress through levels of difficulty. Holiday and celebration themed activities are given.
Generate your own sets of rime tiles for students to practice word building. Users can customize tiles by selecting fonts and colors to create practice tiles for students. NOTE: This site contains ads.
Students from grades one through six can participate in interactive spelling and vocabulary practice. Spelling strategies, vocabulary enrichment, and grammar activities are given.
Engage students by dragging vowels to make new words. Students hear the word as it is made and added to a word list that can be printed.
Learn about decoding strategies for young readers. Find out what decoding strategies are and why they are so important. Also includes teaching tips, handouts for students, and online activities. There are links to eThemes resources on sight words and contextual clues.

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