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Literature: Story Elements for Upper Grades

These sites provide resources about story elements targeted to upper elementary students. Learn about story elements and sub elements. Includes examples, literacy terms, interactive exercises, and graphic organizers. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Writing: Character Traits and Literature: Irony.


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Learn about elements of a short story and their sub elements.
This 1-page PDF file is a story element chart.
Learn about what makes a good short story regarding plot, point of view, character, setting, and theme.
Learn about story elements and test your skills through an interactive online story.
This is an interactive organizer for recording story elements about character, conflict, resolution, and setting.
Use this 1-page PDF file graphic organizer to record plot elements.
This 1-page PDF file provides an online tool and ideas to separate a mystery into six distinct elements to help students see how a writer constructs a mystery. Click on a URL on the top of a page to go to "Mystery Cube" tool.
Read a list of common elements of fairy tales from 1-page PDF file.
This lesson plan provides activities that help students understand story structure and story elements.
Scroll down to find a list of graphic organizers for story elements such as character analysis, plot, setting, and sequence.
Practice about elements of story through matching games, concentration games, word search, and flashcards.
Find out how much you understand about terms used in story elements through exercises.
These sites focus on character traits and include lists of adjectives that students can use to improve their writing. There are also many activity ideas for having students identify the traits of main characters in stories. Includes lesson plans, graphic organizers, and a link to an eThemes Resource on adjectives.
What is irony? Students can learn about the different types of irony using these web sites. Teachers can explore lesson plans on irony. Included are eThemes on literature themes and reading in the content area.

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