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Physics: Newton's Laws of Motion

This theme includes Newton’s Laws of Motion as well as problems, interactive applications, videos, and lesson plans to apply them to problems. Included are eThemes Resources for Physics: Force and Motion for grades 3-8.


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This site includes a brief synopsis of Newton's Laws followed by activities for various grade levels at the bottom of the page.
This lesson plan includes questions and activities relating the laws of motion to space.
Here are links to sites which provide information on force and motion along with an American Association for the Advancement of Science benchmark. Select "The Physical Setting" in the first drop-down menu under "Select a Topic," then select "Laws of Motion" in the second drop-down menu. Next, click on the radio button for "Forces and Motion" and the desired grade level.
Here is a small collection of applets demonstrating or testing various aspects of motion.
In this experiment, students apply the laws of motion and gravity to the space ships and jet engines.
In this experiment students will investigate inertia by making a seismograph illustrating movement in a car on a bumpy road.
Here are several demonstrations to illustrate the laws of motion.
In this simple experiment, students will investigate principles of inertia.
This site gives a thorough discussion of inertia, including real world examples, and information about Newton.
This site uses animated images to give a simple demonstration illustrating the effects of inertia.
This site offers several handouts and worksheets on motion and inertia, as well as labs, demos, and some videos. NOTE: videos must be downloaded for viewing.
These sites cover the basic concepts of physics. Learn about force, motion, and friction using interactive simulations where you can manipulate the variables. Includes links to an eThemes on Simple Machines, Magnets, and Gravity.

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