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These websites deal with ethanol as an alternative fuel. Learn the history of ethanol, how it works, what it is used for, how it is produced. Discover more about ethanol produced in Missouri, specifically. There are also links to eThemes Resources on Energy: Renewable and Non-renewable Graphic Approach and Energy: Renewable and Non-renewable.


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Read about ethanol and gasohol and the advantages and disadvantages of each on this U.S. Government website.
This 57-page fact book is a compilation of information about fuel ethanol. Specific topics explored include the U.S. fuel ethanol program, energy security benefits, economic benefits, environmental benefits, and more.
How is the price of gas connected to the cost of breakfast? This article explores this relationship. It explores the topic of using ethanol as an oil substitute, discussion includes turning corn to fuel, effects on cereal, meat and milk, more farmers shift to corn, at the global table, and finding a balance.
This report covers the energy bill passed by the Senate requiring automobile makers to increase fuel economy standards to 35 miles per gallon by 2020.
In this two-page PDF, learn about the process of creating ethanol from corn - cellulosic ethanol production.
This animated video explores the process of making ethanol. (Total Running Time: 3:51) NOTE: This site includes a discussion board. (forum, message board, etc.)
This 56-page PDF curriculum is broken into five modules designed to teach students about ethanol. Includes activities as well as answers to study questions and an evaluation.
In this activity students become engineers learning how to grow plants the most efficiently and designing a biofuel production facility.
Learn about the importance of ethanol and take a tour of an ethanol plant. (Total Running Time: 8:18) NOTE: This site includes a discussion board. (forum, message board, etc.)
Take this interactive tour of the Granite Falls Energy Ethanol Plant and learn how ethanol is made.
This article explores the facts about ethanol in terms of energy-efficiency.
Explore how the Missouri Department of Natural Resources is regulating ethanol plants in the state.
This article looks as ethanol as an example of a clean fuel. It explores resources and production of ethanol, markets, incentives, and recent developments.
Find a variety of information related to U.S. ethanol production. Includes brochures, research publications, educational materials for students and instructors, press releases, policy statements, and more.
These sites deal with energy in many forms, both renewable and non-renewable. Learn about hydropower, fossil fuels, nuclear, wave energy, fuel cells, solar, geothermal, wind, and biomass. Students can view many photographs on energy. Included are eThemes resources on windmills and energy.
These websites are about energy resources, but renewable and non-renewable. You can find information on fossil fuels, solar power, wind power, geothermal energy, hydroelectricity, biomass energy, fuel cells, and nuclear power. There are statistics, experiments, videos, interviews with scientists, and lesson plans.

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