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Literature: "George Washington's Socks" by Elvira Woodruff

These sites provide lesson plans, activities, projects and discussion questions for “George Washington’s Socks” by Elvira Woodruff. Additional information for structuring literature circles is included as well as eThemes resources on Literature Circles.


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This lesson uses "George's Washington's Socks" and focuses on the lesson of idea development and organization.
This lesson plan teaches about historical fiction as a writing genre using "George Washington's Socks" by Elvira Woodruff.
This interactive unit is designed to have the students research so that they can make informed decisions regarding dilemmas presented. This adventure integrates reading, writing, and social studies by using "George Washington's Shoes" as its starting point.
This is a novel-study that includes vocabulary worksheets, pre-reading questions, questions for each chapter of the novel, post reading questions, and suggestions for daily activities.
This wiki gives a detailed lesson plan for teaching the novel "George Washington's Socks" by Elvira Woodruff.
Learn about the structure of literature circles including choosing books, introducing books, weekly scheduling, daily schedules, and final projects.
These sites explain the benefits of using literature circles to have students discuss books. Includes tips and handouts on how to organize the groups, how to lead discussions, and how to assess student participation. Learn about the different student roles and their discussion duties. There are links to eThemes Resources on guided reading and several award winning reading lists.

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