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Space Colonization

These site are about space colonization, specifically as it relates to the colonization of Mars. Learn about Mars, what natural resources are available that will help sustain life, how Mars and Earth compare, and what organizations are actively working towards building a habitat on the Red Planet. Includes lesson plans, maps, links to video resources, and FAQs. Links to eThemes Resources on Solar System: Mars Exploration, Space: Exploration, Space: Living, and Space: Universe are included.


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Walk through a simulation of an evolving habitat on Mars. Learn what it would take for humans to be able to inhabit the red planet.
Learn more about Mars. Discover whether Mars is able to provide colonizers with the needs that would enable them to sustain their life while living on the red planet.
Compare the landscapes on Mars and Earth and explore why the two planets are so different.
Learn about colonization on other planets and disuse the ethical and environmental questions that need to be addressed before colonization begins. NOTE: This site includes ads.
In this lesson you are tasked with helping NASA plan its next mission to Mars.
Learn more about Mars: is water available, what is the terrain like? NOTE: This site includes ads.
Explore our solar system virtually. Learn about our cosmic neighbors and about moons, rings, and magnetospheres. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This organization is an independent, educational, grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to the creation of a spacefaring civilization. Resources include: space library, video library, information on space solar power, space settlement, space tourism, space policy, space movement, moons, Mars, asteroids, and photos.
Find out more about this organization and their mission of human exploration and settlement of Mars.
Explore this site who is dedicated to developing a unified plan for building the first habitat on Mars by exploiting local materials.
Learn more about Mars on this wiki designed to provide a collaborative tool for discussing the colonization of Mars.
Learn more about Mars from information collected by NASA explorations of the Red Planet.
Choose from among seven lessons designed to explore Living on Mars, in addition to two Mars science activities.
Learn more about the latest information about the Red Planet by reading these journal publications.
View this topographical map of Mars, includes a link to a 3D map in Google Earth.
Test your knowledge of the Red Planet by reviewing these 36 frequently asked questions about Mars.
Learn about the current exploration of Mars by two rovers, Spirit and Opportunity. Read about the third-grader who named the spacecrafts. Design a parachute for the rovers on an interactive site or create a model of a rover using crackers and candy. Watch animated movies showing the rovers taking off and landing, plus view the images that they have transmitted back to Earth. There are links to eThemes Resources on Mars, space exploration, space living, and international space station.
These sites are about space exploration and the various technologies that have made this possible. Learn about satellites and spacecrafts. There are many interactive features, such as virtual tours of the planets, webcasts, and other exhibits. See photographs and videos of various launches and space explorations. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on the International Space Station.
Learn how astronauts live in space. Topics include food, exercises, clothing, sleeping, etc. There are several science and math lessons about living in space, plus photographs and videos of astronauts. You can also submit your own questions to an astronaut. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on space exploration.
These sites have information about the universe, the Milky Way, and other galaxies. Learn about the different types of galaxies. View photographs taken from space, listen to audio files of experts, and play interactive games.

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