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Literature: "The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini

This site provides a summary and analysis of “The Kite Runner”. Biographical information, character description, and explanation of the book’s themes are included. An interactive activity on the elements of fiction and tips on using The New York Times is given for enhancing the novel study. Included are eThemes resources on Afghanistan and Women in Afghanistan.


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This site provides complete analysis of "The Kite Runner" from book summary and analysis of chapters, author information, critical essays, and symbols.
This lesson from The New York Times invites students to examine the ways books and movies tell their stories, focusing on "The Kite Runner".
Use this site for the literary analysis of "The Kite Runner". Also included is a Best of Web section for related websites for author information, documents, audio, and video. NOTE: This site contains ads.
This site provides a summary, author information on Khaled Hosseini, and major themes of "The Kite Runner". NOTE: This site contains ads.
Use these ten teaching tips to research the immense resources of the to show students the connections between any type of literature and life.
Use this interactive to reacquaint students with the aspects of fiction in a novel.
Use this article from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty for historical background to "The Kite Runner". This document will assist readers in understanding the context of the novel in Afghan society.
Provide students this hand-out as they are writing about themes in "The Kite Runner".
These sites are about the status of women in Afghanistan. Learn what life was like for women and girls before and after the Taliban came to power. There are interviews, video clips, slideshows, and lesson plans. These resources can be used for background information for teaching the books "The Breadwinner," "Parvana's Journey," or "Mud City." Includes an eThemes resource on the country of Afghanistan.
Learn more about the people, history, and culture of Afghanistan. Includes photographs, timelines, and articles about this war-ravaged country. There is also information on the Taliban and Islam. Includes links to eThemes Resources on September 11, Women in Afghanistan, and World Religions: Islam

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