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Physics: Momentum

These sites offer a variety of treatments of momentum in many different situations. Resources include games, animations, lesson plans, demonstrations, and others. Also included are eThemes resources on the Laws of Motion and Kinematics.


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This interactive presentation explains the concept of momentum using practical examples. NOTE: This site includes a message board.
Here are eight simple games that use the principles of inertia.
In this short lesson momentum is applied to ice skating, driving, and gymnastics. Momentum is used to explain how athletes can use changes in position to change momentum and spin faster or slower.
Scroll down the page for several apps on momentum. Some apps ask questions that can be answered using the app, others simply give examples of situations, or show changes in momentum or kinetic energy with collisions.
Here are several animations of changes in momentum under different conditions and directions.
This page includes a list of 28 sample problems on momentum, categorized by problem type (multiple choice, short answer, essay, etc.). Most problems do not include answers.
Here is a description of the momentum interactions that occur in collisions. Many video demonstrations and experiments are included.
This site, written like a text book, provides short tutorials on several aspects of momentum, from momentum and impulse, momentum in a closed system, and conservation of momentum. Also included are sample problems with answers for students to check their understanding.
This theme includes Newton's Laws of Motion as well as problems, interactive applications, videos, and lesson plans to apply them to problems. Included are eThemes Resources for Physics: Force and Motion for grades 3-8.
These sites are for high school physics students to learn the basics of kinematics. Resources include eThemes resources on vectors and vector notation, and the laws of motion, and information, lesson plans, interactive activities, and labs on free body diagrams, position, velocity, and acceleration vs. time graphs, and the difference between velocity and acceleration.

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