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Missouri: Fossils

These sites are about the types of fossils found in Missouri – the different periods, how fossils are formed, and what they look like. There are lesson plans, activities, and pictures of fossils indigenous to the area. Discover what paleontologists in Missouri are doing and how you can be a part of it. Includes links to eThemes Resources Science: Fossils and Missouri: Caves.


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Explore the various paleontological research projects based in Missouri. View the fossils grouped by formations.
Review pictures of some common fossils found in Ferguson, MO.
Explore Missouri's Geologic Column and learn more about the timeline for fossils found in Missouri.
Explore the paleontology portal and learn about fossils through the different time periods in the area now known as Missouri.
This two-page PDF shows a map of Missouri and provides a breakdown of where to find fossils throughout the state.
Explore fossil sites in the St. Louis area.
Learn about fossils - what they are, how they are formed, and why scientists and engineers care about them. Lesson resources include learning objectives, introduction/motivation, background, vocabulary, associated activities, lesson closure, assessment, extensions, and references.
Explore how fossils are formed by simulating the process of fossilization.
These sites focus on fossils and include information about paleontologists, dinosaurs, and petrification. View photographs of actual fossils. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on dinosaurs.
These sites include listings and maps to caves in Missouri. There is information about cave formations and archaeology, plus links to eThemes Resources on bats and caves around the world. There is also a video from the Finding Missouri: Our History and Heritage series about Miller Cave and archaeology.

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