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Math: Rebuild Our School using Area/Perimeter

These sites provide sample school floor plans, and directions for creating classroom layouts. Includes links to eThemes Resources for Classroom Design: Layout, Math: Geometry: Area, Math: Geometry: Perimeter, and Math: Geometry: Circumference.


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This pdf is a sample floor plan for a high school.
Explore the floor plans for the four floors in this school building project.
Look at the floor plan and sketches for the high school of the future.
Choose from among a variety of floor plans for these different types of classrooms, conference rooms and lecture halls. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Use these basic instructions for designing a school floor plan.
Learn here how to plan a classroom layout, how to place furniture, and draw a floor plan. The sites include photographs and schematic drawings.
These sites explain how to calculate the area of circles, triangles, rectangles, trapezoids, and parallelograms. Includes many practice problems and interactive games. There is also a link to blank grid paper so students can calculate the area of the shapes they draw. There is a link to an eThemes Resources on perimeter and circumference.
These sites include activities and lesson plans for measuring perimeter. The sites include interactive exercises, quizzes, games, and worksheets. There are eThemes resources on area of polygons and circumference.
Learn how to calculate the circumference of a circle also known as a perimeter of a circle. Find out what radius and diameter are and how to find their values. There are links to eThemes resources on perimeter and pi number. Includes an animation, interactive exercises, quizzes, and worksheets.

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