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Math: Likelihood and Probability

These sites introduce your students to the idea of likelihood as it describes probability as likely, unlikely, impossible, or certain. Includes lesson plans, interactive activities, and virtual manipulatives. A link to eThemes Resource: Math: Probability is also included.


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Introduce the concept of probably by discussing the likelihood of being able to do something. This activity allows students to practice prediction and estimation in determining likelihood.
Students will describe probability as certain, impossible, and 1/2 certain. NOTE: Material geared for slightly older group, but lesson can be tailored for younger audiences. Click on "Download PDF Lesson" to see the three part lesson.
This activity uses a spinner to predict the likelihood of simple events occurring.
This follow up activity to Why Can't I Win? explores probability and ratios.
This one-page PDF allows students to learn more about likelihood by completing this basic probability activity.
These virtual manipulatives allow you to create bar charts to show quantities and percentages, to create pie charts for exploring percentages and fractions, and to work with spinners to learn about numbers and probabilities.
This interactive tool allows you to choose from single dice, double dice, triple dice, and +/- dice to use in your lessons.
Theses sites explore the concepts of probability and chance. Includes interactive sites figuring the probability of coin flips, dice rolls, etc. There are several suggested classroom activities that use manipulatives to explore probability. There are also animated movies that explain probability.

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