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Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

These sites deal with Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Find out how and why we celebrate the month, who are some of the most noted Asian Pacific Americans, why these people migrated to the U.S., and contributions Asian Pacific Americans have made to our country. Includes lesson plans and various teaching resources. Links to eThemes Resources Famous Americans: Asian Connections and Immigration: Angel Island.


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Find out about the month-long celebration, exhibits and collections celebrated, images, and audio and video of cultural importance.
Learn about Asian American history, demographics and issues.
Teach your students how they can see Asian-American heritage in action every day, about famous Asian Pacific Americans, fun stuff to do, Asian American contributions, imports and inventions, and borrowed words.
Discover more about Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, including the origins of the celebration and other timelines, special features and other fun stuff. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Find out about dedicated events celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.
Use these resources to teach your students about Asian Pacific American heritage.
Learn about the history leading up to the declaration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month by the President of the U.S.
Find out what it means to be Asian Pacific American and all the Asian cultures that exist in the world and in America.
In an effort to increase student knowledge of Asian-Pacific Americans, have students explore the portrayal of Asians in popular culture and discuss the shortcomings of these portrayals.
These sites focus on famous Americans who have Asians connections. Learn about their contributions, achievements, and biographies. Includes photos, interview transcripts, and video clips.
These sites are about Angel Island, a former immigration station in San Francisco Bay. Includes information on the experience of early Asian immigrants who came through this station. There are photos and videos of early immigration. Also includes lesson plans and suggested activities for students on the cultures of Asian immigrants. Linked are eThemes Resources on Ellis Island and immigrants in Missouri.

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