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Statistical Outliers

These sites deal with statistical outliers. They explore how to detect outliers in your data, how to handle these outliers, and how outliers influence correlational analysis. Resources include articles, student activities and videos. A link to eThemes Resource: Math: Statistics is included.


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This activity uses student's own data to introduce bivariate relationships using hand size to predict height. In this lesson students will identify outlying causes and determine the effect of the outlying cases.
This stats tutorial uses the Q-test to deal with statistical outliers in your data
In this learning activity, students will observe how the correlation coefficient changes when outlier points are added. In addition, the assignment provides insight about outliers and their effect on correlation. This activity will show exactly how outliers numerically change the correlation value and to what degree
Learn more about statistical outliers including: sources of outliers, managing outliers, labeling outliers, accommodating outliers, detecting outliers, conclusions and variables.
This article looks at how to deal with "messy" data that contain transcription errors or extreme and skewed results.
This two-page PDF explores some simpler statistics tests for rejecting outliers including: rule of huge error, Dixon's Q-test, and Grubbs' T-tests.
这个视频探索了离群点和运用z评价来确定离群点。(总运行时间:21:46) 注:这个网站包括一个讨论板(论坛,消息板等等)。
This demonstration explain how outliers affect the mean, but not the median
This video explores the impact of outliers on measures of central tendency. (Total Running Time: 10:32)
This video explores the steps in a regression analysis that have to be taken after identifying outliers in your data. (Total Running Time: 5:55)
These sites focus on basic statistics analysis including descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. There are information on data collection, data analysis, and data interpretation. Includes simulations, exercises, and lesson plans. There are links to eThemes resource on Statistics for Graphing and Probability.

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