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Anniversary of September 11, 2001

Use this site to provide students an understanding of this historical event. Interactive timelines and maps, videoclips and interviews with survivors and family members are given. Lesson plans encompass historical information and current views regarding 9/11. Interviews with Japanese-Americans and Muslim and Arab Americans extend understanding of civil liberties. Included is eThemes Resource: Literature: “Tallgrass” by Sandra Dallas.


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Use this site from The Smithsonian for lesson plans, timelines of events, a round table discussion about teaching contemporary history, and video tours.
This site provides videos from the attack, photos, and an interactive interview archive.
These interactive timelines include minute by minute details about 9/11 and the recovery at Ground Zero. Statements from eyewitnesses are included.
This site provides survivor accounts of the day, lesson plans, and a free DVD upon request. Teachers are encouraged to direct students in individual research projects and service projects.
Independent Television Service presents videos which answer this question: "How has your life changed after September 11?"
To commemorate the 9-11 attack, NPR provides programming from historians, artists, and musicians.
Use the the three interactives that provide students a view from various points on the NYC site. Video and audio clips provide an eyewitness view of the event. Note: This site contains advertising.
This site provides videos and narratives about victims of the 9-11 tragedy by family members. Some of the portraits have been updated to show how families have coped losing loved ones.
This site provides a variety of historical information about this event and lesson plans to support classroom instruction. Note: This site contains advertising.
Use these award-winning lesson plans in planning for teaching about 9-11.
This site is a project of George Mason University and University of New York Graduate Center and digitally preserves the history of September 11. Also archived in the Library of Congress.
PBS created this site immediately after the 9/11 attacks and currently maintains it as a digital archive of resources, analysis, and discussion. Resources for parents and lesson plans for teachers are included.
Use these real life stories with students to develop an understanding of being an American with the face of an enemy. Lesson plans and further links are provided.
This site is about the book, "Tallgrass", by Sandra Dallas. It provides author information, book discussion guides, and extension activities for Japanese internment camps. Includes a link to eThemes Resource: Holocaust.

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