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Literature Awards: Show Me Readers Award Nominees 2011-2012

Use these websites which complement the picture books that are nominated for the “Show Me” book award. You will find sites for the animal celebrities(Nubs and Dewey), sites that deal with getting along(Peace Week), websites of Long Meadow Rescue Ranch(Twist of Fate) and Hazel Ridge Farm(Itsy Bitsy). Swimming safety tips (Testing the Water) and historical sites on segregation (Finding Lincoln) are provided. All of the “Show Me” nominees are highlighted with a site.


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Major Brian Dennis is interviewed by Meredith Viera and describes how he adopted Nubs and brought him to the United States.
This brief video from PBS explains how a military dog and his handler work together.
This brief video explains the purpose of Veteran's Day and how citizens can help honor veterans in their community.
Using this lesson from ReadWriteThink, students will learn to gather factual information from fiction and nonfiction text.
Visit the farm and learn about animals, equipment, what grows, and wildlife rehabilitation. Teacher's guide, puzzles, and interactive activities are provided.
This site from ReadWriteThink provides a lesson plan to assist students in reading nonfiction in order to learn how to gather research.
Read "Freedom on the Menu: The Greensboro Sit-Ins" by Carol Boston Weatherford and use the accompanying lesson to teach about segregation in public places.
This lesson plan assists students in understanding Dr. Martin Luther King's message in order to understand that inequalities that existed and still exist today.
This site provides information for adults working with children of deployed parents. There are many suggestions for parents who may have a spouse that is deployed.
Learn all about Dewey, the famous library cat. You can contact his owner and biographer.
Watch the book trailer and use the activity sheets for book lists and a reading record.
Watch this seven minute YouTube video about Dewey, the library cat.
Use this annotated list from The Coooperative Children's Book Center to read more about cats.
This site provides four cartoon scenarios about being safe around water. A teacher's guide, Lock Game, and coloring sheets are provided.
This site has numerous suggestions for preventing bullying. The Webisodes provide scenarios for students discussions.
Brochures, podcasts, and presentations about the many aspects of bullying are available through National Crime Prevention and McGruff.
Learn about the Missouri ranch that is home to the rescued horses from a "Twist of Fate: The Miracle Colt and His Friends."
Visit the farm where Itsy Bitsy and Tweeny Weeny met.
This website provides an abundance of activities about the friendship of Owen, the baby hippo rescued after a tsumami, and Mzee, a tortoise.
This brief video from Wonderopolis demonstrates how a friendship bracelet is created. Native Americans are credited with creating the knots and tradition of the bracelets.
Participate with students across the United States in a five week long journey as a pioneer on the Oregon Trail. Registration will open in September for the 2011 trip.

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