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Literature Awards: Truman Readers Award Nominees 2011-2012

Author interviews, book trailers, and discussion activites are provided to promote the Truman Readers Award. Extension activities are given as well as interactives for several of the nominees. Contact information may be useful for students wanting to write to a particular author.


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This wiki provides educators promoting the "Truman" Award list with discussion questions, extension activities and author interviews.
Use this website to learn about the author and, request a publicity kit. Book trailers and lesson plans for "Bull Rider" are provided..
Read the author bio. Learn that Joni's name is pronounced "Johnny". Information about her life, travels, and other books are provided.
Visit this website to learn biographical information, watch a video about the creation of "Jane in Bloom", and read questions and answers from Deborah Lytton.
Feel the excitement of playing the game and being part of a team. Learn about the danger of concussions.
Read the summary of "Pop". Then watch Gordon Korman discuss the story behind the book, "Pop".
Learn everything you ever wanted to know about author, Gordon Korman. This site provides information about his latest books, puzzles,and an "Ask Gordon" section.
Use this book trailer with students to promote reading, "This Last Thing I Remember".
Noted for his thrillers, Andrew Klavan is a two-time winner of the Edgar Award for Mystery Writing. Read about his life as a author, screenwriter and media commentator.
Learn about Heather's life, practice baking with Heather with her blog, In the Crazy Kitchen!, and read about her other books.
Watch this book trailer to promote "The Cupcake Queen".
Janice Hardy answers questions about her books, including "The Shifter".
Read this informative interview with Janice Hardy and her writing technique.
Read about the author, excerpts from her books, and learn about her writing techniques. Note: the writing techniques and tips are within a blog.
Explore the nooks and crannies of this book store. Discover what type of adventurer you are.
Promote "The Maze Runner" using this award-winning book trailer.
Watch an interview with James Dashner, hear about the other books in the trilogy, and play "The Maze Runner" game.
Read biographical information about Caroline Cooney. She explains her love for writing and inspiration for some of her novels.
Teenreads provides a lengthy review of "If the Witness Lied" and additional reviews of Caroline Cooney books. Note: Small amount of advertising of book stores.
Watch this SchoolTube book trailer to promote "If the Witness Lied".
Beth Fish provides a book review of "Double Eagle" and interview with Sneed Collard.
Learn biographical information about the author in a video and watch his demo video for "The Amazing Race".
The author explains how to become a writer and how to schedule a SKYPE session or workshops. Information about the author, her books, and an interview are given.

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