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Literature Awards: Gateway Reader Award Nominees 2011-2012

This site provides author information, book synopses and teaching guides, book trailers and writing activities for the 2011-2012 Gateway Nominees. A writing kit provides activities for author studies.


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Use this book trailer to kick off introducing the Gateway Reader's Nominees.
Use this toolkit to encourage students to delve deeper into one of the award book nominees.
Read author information, watch book trailers and a Skype interview. NOTE: An author blog is on this website.
This link provides author background information, the inspiration for writing "The Chosen One", and book synopsis. NOTE: This side contains a small amount of advertising.
Carol Lynch Williams answers questions about her life and "The Chosen One".
Discover author information, read about other titles, and watch book trailers. Information about a Skype with the author is given. NOTE: This site contains an author's blog.
This site contains information about the books in "The Wolves of Mercy Falls" series. "Shiver" is book one in this series. Music, videos, and a downloadable discussion guide are provided.
This site contains author information, book synopses, and answers to frequently asked questions. Note: This site contains the author's blog.
Share this site with students. Maggie Stiefvater shares her ideas about writing, wolves, and her future books.
Use this booktalk to promote "Shiver".
This site provides an author bio and book synopses. Note: This site provides the author's blog.
This site provides a downloadable Teacher's Guide for "We were here".
Author Patricia McCormick talks about what inspired her to write "Purple Heart".
This website contains author information and a book guide about "Purple Heart". Extension activities are also provided. Note: The author's blog is on this site.
L.K. Madigan gives a "thumbs-up" to this book trailer of "Flash Burnout".
Learn about the author, her books, and fun stuff. Teacher's guide to "Flash Burnout" is available.
This book trailer promotes "Hold Still" by Nina LaCour.
This site provides information about the author, book synopsis, and discussion questions.
Watch this book trailer to promote "KOTSU".
You will find author info, answers to frequently asked questions, teacher's and writer's resources.
Use this site for author information, book trailers, and a teacher's guide for "If I Stay". Note: An author blog is part of this site.
Watch this book trailer to promote "The Morgue and Me".
This link gives an author bio, synopsis of "The Morgue and Me", and how to contact him for author visits.
Use this site for biographical information about Amy Efaw. There are links to her LiveJournal, and interviews.
The author describes her research and reasons for writing the book, "After".
This site provides author information, synopsis, and discussion questions for the book, "After".
Use this book trailer from YouTube to promote the book, "Fat Cat".
Robin Brande discusses "Fat Cat", her other books, and provides interviews. This site contains information about author visits. Note: This site contains an author's blog.
This site provides author information, a brief YouTube video about "Muchacho", and teaching guides.
This link provides a complete lesson plan for teaching the book, "Muchacho".
This link provides brief author information, book synopsis, and a downloadable educator book discussion guide.

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