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Literature Awards: Mark Twain Readers Award Nominees 2011-2012

Use the links to the Mark Twain Award Nominees to promote the books with students. A Prezi presentation provides an overview of all the titles. Discussion questions, extension activities, and book trailers are available. Biographical information on the authors and writing will inspire students.


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Enjoy this Prezi presentation of the "2011-2012 Mark Twain Nominees". Book summaries, author websites and more are provided.
View 2011-2012 award nominees and past winners of the Mark Twain Award.
Learn about the author, Eric Berlin, and download puzzles to enjoy.
Students will want to read "Secret of Zoom" after viewing the book trailer.
Discover more about Lynne Jonell. Watch the video of President Obama learning about "The Secret of Zoom" and author interview.
This trailer will inspire students to read, "Runaway Twin" by Peg Kehret.
Learn about the author, answers to frequently asked questions, and her cat, Pete. Discussion questions are provided for several of her books. To receive discussion questions for "Runaway Twin", send author an email.
This site provides discussion questions, extension activities, and book summary.
Learn about the author, her books, and listen to an audio clip from "Love, Aubrey".
This extensive downloadable book contains synopses, discussion questions, and extension activities for many of Mike Lupica's books.
This link provides discussion questions, extension activities, and book trailers for "Million-Dollar Throw".
Mike Lupica provides biographical information, book trailers, and answers to important questions about sports.
Best selling author, Mike Lupica, discusses "Million-Dollar Throw".
Watch this brief book trailer, "Million-Dollar Throw".
Promote "11 Birthdays" with your students by viewing this book trailer.
Students will enjoy hearing the author read from her book, "11 Birthdays".
Biographical information, synopses of additional books, and photos of her office provide answers students may have about this author.
Use this booktalk to promote reading "11 Birthdays".
Kate Messner shares background information and writing advice. She is a teacher and relates classroom experiences within her blog. She conducts writer's workshops for students and Skype visits. Note: This site contains an author's blog.
Use this guide for discussion questions and journal prompts written by the author, Kate Messner.
This guide provides cross curricular activities and discussion themes for "Faith, Hope, and Ivy June".
Read the author information to learn more about Phyllis Reynolds Naylor and her books.
This site provides author information, book discussion guide, and a book trailer of "Heart of a Shepherd".
Use this book trailer to entice students to read "Captain Nobody".
Use this book trailer to promote "Captain Nobody".
Educators will find this discussion guide helpful while reading "Captain Nobody".
Students will gravitate to this unique website that reveals author and book information.
Find author biographical information, book synopsis, and book trailers. An educator's teaching guide and extension activities are provided. Note: An author's blog is included on this site.

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