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Literature: Realistic Fiction and Fantasy Genres for Children

These sites provide definitions of realistic fiction and fantasy genres, book lists, and activities. Interactive activities for students to evaluate literature and create a genre bookmark are given. Watch the video interview with Beverly Cleary, author of the realistic fiction “Henry Huggins” series and the fantasy series of “The Mouse and the Motorcycle”. Included is eThemes resource about genres.


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Use this list of genre characteristics to assist students in evaluating text.
Use this lesson plan to instruct students about the various genres. Students create genre bookmarks after reading and evaluating text.
This annotated book list was created by students for students.
Use this student-created site to present "Realistic Fiction" to your students.
Students can record their genre book reviews on this interactive chart and print it.
Students can provide author,title, genre,and summary of books they have read.
The annotated lists provide numerous suggestions for students in a variety of genres.
Use this annotated booklist to direct students to recommended fantasy books.
Use this SmartBoard activity to assist students in understanding both fiction and nonfiction genres. Students read a variety of text and decide what type of genre they are reading.
This link uses a variety of activities to expose students to literary genres. The lesson could be adapted for the types of genres being studied.
Use this extensive list of recommended books to direct students to various genres.
This downloadable instructive booklet provides a variety of activities for students to learn about an author and genres. Many extension activities are given.
Well-known for realistic fiction books, Beverly Cleary has also written fantasy, "The Mouse and The Motorcyle" series. This website has an author interview, interactive activities for students, and resources for educators.
Learn about the genres of literature. These sites are about the many different genres: fantasy, historical, realistic, science fiction, biography, reference, reporting, folk tales, plays, and poetry. Some sites have recommended reading lists. Included are eThemes resources covering the various genres

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