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Literature Awards: Missouri Building Block Award Nominees 2011

The websites will lead you to information about the authors and illustrators for the Missouri Building Block Nominees for 2011. The activities provided will encourage creative lessons involving the nominated books.


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Use this list for information about the nominees. An activity sheet is provided for each book.
Read about the author, learn about her many books, book a school visit and more. Use the numerous activities to celebrate books.
Children can make and illustrate a book with directions on David Ezra's website. Learn about the author and his lastest books.
The author talks about creating the characters for his book, "Interrupting Chicken".
Watch this brief book trailer to promote "Interrupting Chicken".
Enter Eileen Spinelli's site and learn about her life, her books, and how to bake brownies.
Sing and dance with Mr. Eric, creator of Pete the Cat.
Learn more about Pete, sing along with Pete,and watch his videos. Use the downloadable activities for more fun.
Learn about Laura Leuck and additional books she has written.
This website provides author information, book synopses, and a downloadable activity book. The activity book describes ways to use Keiko Kasza's books in the classroom.
Read about the author and his picture books, mouse books, and novels.
Read about the author, view her art, and learn about her other books.
Sing and dance along with your students after reading the book.
Created by first graders, this sing-along video will inspire students to sing and create art to go along with the book.
Learn about the author. Classroom activities are provided for "The Terrible Plop" and her other books. Illustrator information is given.
Use this coloring activity to promote "The Terrible Plop".

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