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Literature: "Among the Hidden" by Margaret Peterson Haddix

These sites provide author information, book synopses, and discussion activities for The Shadow Children series. Interactive quizzes are given and book trailers to promote reading of the novels. Writing and research activities invite students to examine the genre of science fiction and understand what makes a friendship. Links to eThemes resources on Friendship and Science Fiction are provided.


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Find biographical information and teaching guide for "Among the Hidden". Included is a bonus informational article from the China Connection about population control and this novel.
Watch this video interview from Reading Rockets with Margaret Peterson Haddix. The interview is broken up into brief segments in which the author discusses her writing career, writing series books, and writing about science fiction.
Educators may download this complete guide to The Missing series and The Shadow Children series. The guide contains synopses of the books, discussion topics, quotations to discuss and writing and research activities.
Using this lesson from ReadWriteThink, students will create Character Trading Cards, examine a Friend Chart, and complete a "What is Friendship? worksheet. This lesson is adaptable for "Among the Hidden" or novels with a friendship theme.
This lesson from ReadWriteThink invites students to explore the genre of science fiction. This lesson involves discussion, reading, and research culminating in a project.
Use these questions from ReadWriteThink with students while reading "Among the Hidden" and The Shadow Children series.
This book trailer promotes the series, The Shadow Children. "Among the Hidden" is the first book in the series.
Watch this book trailer to promote "Among the Hidden".
This student-created site was a finalist in the ThinkQuest competition. It features an author biography and interview, information about her other works, and interactive quizzes on several books.
These sites have tips on making friends and how to resolve common problems that threaten friendships. There are several classroom activity ideas to help foster friendships among students. Includes lists of recommended children's books as well as links to eThemes Resources on books that include this theme.
Learn about science fiction and the real science behind it. Find out how fiction follows a scientific thought and creates a future that sometimes becomes a reality. Learn what the fiction and facts are today. Discover the science of cryonics, the laws of thermodynamics, warp and FTL (Faster Than Light) drives, artificial gravity, holograms, and more. Learn about the bad and good science in novels and movies. Includes suggested sci-fi literature, lesson plans, and more. There are links to eThemes Resources on flying cars, science fiction, writing, and "War of the Worlds" by H. G. Wells.

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