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ADHD Brain Activities

These sites include information for working with students suffering from ADHD. They include links to articles and other research related to the condition. Includes links to learning strategies and activities that can be used in the classroom to help these students be more successful.


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This site includes access to ADHA skill development games; including Concentration, Box-in, and Tetris.
This site provides resources related to ADHD; including the functionality to test yourself for ADHD, and to begin training your executive functioning. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This website provides resources for enhancing and maintaining people's mental fitness; including memory, attention, executive functions, thinking and reasoning, and visual perception.
This site provides some simple suggestions for parenting a child with ADHD and helping them focus; includes: the coin game, relaxation and positive imagery, mind-body integration, crossword puzzles and picture puzzles, and memory and concentration games. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Learning about attention deficit disorders; information includes resources on adult ADHD, parenting ADHD children, ADHD treatment, school and learning disabilities, and general information about ADHD. NOTE: Site includes ads. NOTE: Site includes links to discussion boards (forum, message boards, etc.).
This article delineates methods for helping students suffering from ADHD be more successful in school; includes tips for setting up your child for school success; supporting teachers; managing symptoms; making learning fun; mastering homeworkl; and links to additional resources about ADD/ADHD.
This articles expounds upon ways to learn to deal with ADHD that don't rely solely on medication - brain exercise therapy (BET). NOTE: Site includes ads. NOTE: Site includes links to discussion boards (forum, message boards, etc.).
This site includes links to resources for getting help for students with ADD/ADHD; teaching students with ADD/ADHD; and other related resources. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This article provides strategies for working with older children with ADHD.
Learn about the importance of executive function in everyday life, how it affects learning, the warning signs of potential executive function problems.
This site provides information geared to working with special needs students that bridge occupational therapy practices with the classroom,clinic and home.Includes learning activities (cost associated), and links to research and articles.
This site is dedicated to the principle that moving with intention leads to optimal learning; includes links to research and a calendar of events scheduled by the organization for which interested educators can enroll.

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