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Country: England

This site provides numerous links for a study of England. Interactive maps, photographs and videos of attractions are given. Links within text expand searches for detailed information about landmarks.


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This site provides a myriad of information about Great Britain. Students are directed to categories about England and the rest of the British Isles.
Use this site to "book" a trip anywhere in the world. This link provides historical information about England and its people. Additional links direct students to sites about the Royal Family, Oxford University, Stonehenge, and Henry VIII.
This site provides destination information about England's history, things to do and see, and the weather. Numerous links direct users to additional sites for in-depth information. Note: This site contains advertising.
Welcome to England!. This site provides a variety of information from the historical to the cultural.
This comprehensive site covers the British Isles. Information about England is easily searchable for students. Note: This site contains advertising.
This brief video presents an introduction to Queen Elizabeth II. Additional videos about England, Magna Carta, British Empire and Democracy are listed. Note: This site requires a subscription but educators are granted a trial membership.
Use this site for extensive facts about geography, people and society, and the government of the United Kingdom. This site includes 142 annotated photos of the United Kingdom and a description of the flag.

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