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Health: Cancer

These informational sites provide students with articles, short videos, and audio-articles for research on types and treatments of cancer. Downloadable brochures are available in English, Spanish, and Asian languages. Many types of statistics about cancer are provided. Slideshows of healthy foods, what skin cancer looks like, and tips for quitting smoking add more information for student projects.


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The foremost site for information about cancer. Statistics are provided for leading types of cancer cases in men and women. Information is given in English, Spanish and Asian Language materials are available.
This site provides information on types of cancer and diseases related to cancer. Students can view slideshows on healthy eating, what skin cancer looks like and 13 best quit-smoking tips. This site contains advertising.
Written especially for teens, this site provides information on types of cancer, treatment, dealing with feelings, and diagnostic tests. Personal stories are shared in videos. Students can listen to the articles. Articles are in English and Spanish.
Information about types of cancer, health information, answers to frequently asked questions about cancer and treatments are given. Note: This site contains advertising.
This lesson engages students in evaluating their knowledge about and associations with cancer. After researching on new recommendations to limit cancer screenings, they create patient fact sheets about cancer, focusing on treatments and screening methods.
This brief video uses animation to demonstrate how cancer cells grow and spread.
Use this interactive with students to view how cells mutate and spread throughout the body.
The movie provides a basic idea of what cancer is and terms associated with cancer. Additional related movies are available. Note: This site is available for a free trial if your district is not a member.

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