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Alabama: Creek War

These sites provide historical information about The Creek War in Alabama. Maps, paintings, and artifacts are provided. Many of the articles contain links to in-depth information for sites and historical figures associated with this event.


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This informative article provides historical background regarding the Creek War. Links throughout the document provide in-depth information about places and people involved in this event.
View the Creek War Flag and Andrew Jackson's sword and scabbard. A brief history of the war is given.
Find detailed information and numerous links for in-depth articles on historical sites and figures involved in The Creek War.
This site contains a brief article about the Creek War. Student activities and links for further information on this historical event are provided.
This site provides an article and lesson plan with primary sources, maps, and visuals. The Battle of Horseshoe Bend was part of The Creek War.
This site provides historical facts about sites and people of The Creek War. Note: This site contains advertising.
This article and painting of the Trail of Tears provides historial facts about Indian Removal during Andrew Jackson's term.

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