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These sites provide the history of the rodeo and various events such as roping. Rodeo clowns are featured as well as activities for children at rodeos. Plans for hosting a “stick horse rodeo” are given. Extension activities using children’s literature about rodeos are featured in several of the sites.


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This site provides a complete lesson plan for hosting a "stick horse rodeo". Information about rodeo events, rodeo vocabulary, and rodeo history is given.
This site, created by students, offers rodeo history, information about the events, cowboys, cowgirls, and clowns. Opinions about rodeos are also given.
Author Jan Brett provides a detailed lesson plan using her book, Armadillo Rodeo.
Learn about rodeo events and activities. Brief videos to download are available. Coloring sheets, jokes, and rodeo clown information are given.
This site features a myriad of activities geared to primary students about rodeos and ranch life. Note: This site contains advertising.
This site provides numerous activities involving rodeos, cowboys and cowgirls. Activities are integrated into curricular areas such as math, social studies, and writing.

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