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Teaching Tips: Expository and Technical Writing

These sites include information on teaching expository and technical writing to high school students. Includes presentations, lesson plans, resources, and graphic organizers. Links to eThemes Resources Writing: Nonfiction and Teaching Tips: Graphic Organizers.


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This PPT presentation explains the process of technical writing.
This PPT presentation explains how to do expository writing.
This site explores what expository writing is, what some expository organizational patterns are, and why teach exposition.
Find examples of expository essays to share with your students; includes: sample process essay, sample comparison-contrast essay, sample explaining-with-examples essay, and a sample cause-effect essay.
This five page PDF includes a list of writing prompts designed for high school writers.
This interactive graphic organizer helps students develop an outline that includes an introductory statement, main ideas they want to discuss or describe, supporting details, and a conclusion that summarizes the main ideas.
This 63 page PDF writing unit explores expository writing; includes lessons on organization and structure; introductory paragraphs; writing main idea sentences; writing supporting details; concluding paragraphs; and short-term writing projects.
Teach your students about technical writing; lessons include: what is a technical writer; what is procedural writing; how do you write for an audience; visual clues in technical writing: how do you organize text; how do you build a table; what is your QRC (Quick Reference Card) assignment: who is the team you are working with: how to you write a QRC; and what are the different approaches to developing a QRC.
This 11 page PDF explores what technical writing is, what it looks like, why secondary students should learn technical writing, why technical writing should be taught, how it fits into the curriculum, how it should be taught, what should be taught, and how to evaluate technical writing.
Select from among MIT's three free online technical writing courses: Science and Engineering Writing for Phase II; Introduction to Technical Communication; Introduction to Technical Communication: and Explorations in Scientific and Technical Writing.
These sites are about non-fiction (expository) writing. Includes definitions and descriptions of this genre. Includes lesson plans, outlines, and activities. eThemes Resources on graphic organizers, research reports, biographies, and newspaper production are linked.
These sites have printable and interactive graphic organizers to be used in the classroom. Includes KWL charts, webs, clusters, timelines, outlines, fish diagrams, story maps, comparing charts, cause and effect charts, and more. Some sites explain how and why to use graphic organizers in the classroom.

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