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Missouri: Symbols

These site are about the symbols of the state of Missouri. Find out information and interactive, games, videos and printables for the many Missouri state symbols. Links to eThemes Resources: Missouri: Facts, Missouri: Native Trees,and Missouri: State Flag.


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Learn about Missouri's state symbols, includes links to games, videos and printables.
Learn more about the state symbols of Missouri; including: the state seal, animal, flag, fossil, mineral, rock, tree, aquatic animal, song, horse, dinosaur, game bird, invertebrate, american folk dance, bird, floral emblem,insect, musical instrument, capitol, tree nut, fish, grape, amphibian, grass and reptile.
Learn all about the state of Missouri - facts and symbols; includes links to a number of printables.
This children's bluebird activity book includes: a poem, coloring pages, games, arts & crafts, activities, rhymes/songs, and other available resources. NOTE: This site includes ads.
These sites offer facts about Missouri including state song, symbols, history, and fun trivia. Includes online quizzes, and photographs. There are links to eThemes Resources on Missouri's government, landforms, famous people, and the state flag.
These sites provide information about native trees in Missouri. The information includes scientific and common names, growing conditions, uses, pictures, a timeline, and a lesson plan. There are links to eThemes Resources on gardening, trees, and Missouri wildflowers.
These sites help students identify and learn about state flags, specifically focusing on the Missouri state flag. Includes lesson plans, activities, interactive quizzes, coloring pages, and lots of computer-made pictures of the Missouri flag and other state flags. Also includes information about flag designer Marie Elizabeth Oliver. There is a also a link to eThemes Resource on Missouri Facts.

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