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Teaching Tips: Science Lessons for Young Children

This site provides science activities for the young child. Some of the activities are interactive while others provide brief videos and a lesson. Several of the lessons provide a literacy tie-in.


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These activities are designed for PreK students. This site also has interactive activities which can be accessed by filtering resources by "interactive/online activities" in the drop down window.
Use the various science activities with students to learn about caterpillars, large cats, waves, planets, and weather. Videos and hands-on activities are given.
This site provides interactive activities about nutrition. There are many resources for educators and parents.
This site provides online science activities from building a caterpillar, learning about photosynthesis, and matching an animal to its habitat.
Designed especially for preschool students and teachers, Peep programs invite students to learn about the world around them. All lessons are available in Spanish.
This site features a lesson about shadows and ties in with Groundhog Day. The site, hosted by NEA, features numerous hands-on science activities for young children.
From Education World comes a bank of science activities designed for the young child. Note: This site contains advertising.

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