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Teaching Tips: Teaching Respect

Use these sites to plan activities with students to promote respect. Students will learn appropriate ways to engage with others in social situations. Online books discuss respect and other ways to handle social situations. Included is a link to eThemes Resource on Character Education.


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Students created this site about values. Respect is one of the topics discussed. A story and an animated video are used to assist students in making the right call in a social situation.
This site provides online stories for young children. Some of the stories deal with social skills while others are about values, bullying and health.
In this activity students write essays about "We All Matter" and present them at Mix It Up at Lunch day. Extension activities provide information about Mix It Up at Lunch and a family challenge.
Through this lesson, students will develop a method of speaking with kindness and respect toward classmates. Extension activities are provided.
Designed for grades 3-5, this brief activity could be adapted for grades K-2. Additional links for activities related to "respect" are given.
Designed for grade 6, this unit provides 5 lessons to explore the concept of "respect". This website also provides additional units for teaching respect for grades K-5.
This lesson provides activities for students to use their senses to understand others. Literacy tie-ins are included.
These sites deal with character development in children. Read about character education in stories and do some class activities to teach children about making good choices. There is a printable pledge for students to sign. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on peer pressure and teaching tips for character education.

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