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Holiday: Birthdays

These sites about birthdays include descriptions of celebrations in different countries, the legends associated with birthstones, and information about the famous birthday song. There are crafts, recipes, printable certificates, e-cards, and more. Also includes lesson plans with birthday themes and a probability problem of determining the odds that classmates will share the same birthdays. There is a link to an eThemes resource on This Day in History that students can use to research what events took place on their birthdates.


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Find out how people around the world celebrate birthdays. NOTE: The site includes ads.
Find out how birthdays are celebrated in Australia, Malaysia, England, and America. Also includes birthday games and a recipe for birthday cake.
Learn how to make a birthday wheel so you can remember when to celebrate your friends' birthdays.
Here are printable certificates for birthdays and other special occasions.
Write an essay about the best birthday you have ever had.
Here are several recipes for birthday cakes and icings. NOTE: The site contains ads.
This site discusses the probability that classmates will share the same birthday. Type in a number to see how many dates match. The explanation for the problem is written in complex terms, but teachers can explain it to younger students.
Here is an idea for having students create a birthday booklet in which they write about the guests, food, activities, and presents they want at their next birthday party.
Here is an idea from a teacher on having a special birthday chair for students. NOTE: The site includes ads and a guestbook.
Find out about some important people who were born on your birthday by using the dropdown boxes on the right. You can also find out who shares your birthday and what happened on the day you were born.
Find out who else was born on your birthday. NOTE: Site includes banner ads.
These sites let you type in a date to find out what major events took place during that time period. Students can use these sites when researching what took place on their birthdays. The topics covered include world news, sports, and entertainment. There are statistics such as the cost of bread, average salary, and world population.



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