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Teaching Tips: Writing Radio Plays

This site provides engaging activities to instruct students on writing radio plays. One of the links provides online tools for students to use to record information while researching various examples of radio plays from the 1930s and 1940s. Using a mobile device can be used to record a completed radio play using accounts from Blogger or An eThemes resource on Performing Arts is included.


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In the novel, "Who Was That Masked Man, Anyway?", the main characters constantly listen to radio shows. This activity ties the novel with researching radio shows and writing original scripts using an online tool.
Students discuss what makes a good story and create a list of necessary points for an intriguing story. Next they read the script, War of the Worlds, and then listen to the radio broadcast to compare the two versions. Last of all, they create their own radio script for broadcast.
This lesson provides detailed directions for students to write a 1940s style radio mystery. Objectives and standards for Missouri schools are provided.
This unit provides a step-by-step project for writing a radio mystery drama. Rationale, objectives, and strategies are provided. Links for additional resources and a reading list are given.
Teams of students are cast as workers at a modern radio station. Their task is to create a radio drama similar to those from the 1930s and 1940s. Team members research radio history and use their findings to develop a script. Lastly, they record their play.
These sites explore the theater and acting. There are several ideas for using plays and acting in the classroom. Learn about the history of the theater and common theater terminology. Includes warm-up activities and scripts to use in the classroom. An eThemes Resource on Readers Theater and Shakespeare is linked.

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