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Literature: "The Scarlet Letter"

This site provides lesson plans and activities for a novel study of “The Scarlet Letter”. Lessons feature audio vocabulary definitions, discussions on imagery and symbolism and extensive chapter by chapter activities. One site enables downloading the novel as a podcast. Author information and Puritan life are given.


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Provided by Discovery Education, this lesson gives in-depth lesson plans. An additional lesson focusing on the character Pearl provides students an additional study opportunity.
The Glencoe Literature Library study guide provides extensive activities for a novel study. Focus activities, background information, and vocabulary previews are given. Journal templates and Venn diagrams can be downloaded.
This study guide provides a synopsis of the novel, author information, and a discussion of themes.
This site provides a lesson involving symbolism and using the film version of the novel. Several websites about the author provide background information and details about the novel's symbolism and imagery.
Detailed curriculum guides from Simon and Schuster use NCTE standards for teaching "The Scarlet Letter".
Listen to "The Scarlet Letter" as a podcast.
Depicting life in a Puritan community is provided with discussion of how the witch trials occurred.
Understanding the difference between an author and narrator is one of the objectives in this lesson. The author's personal history and society's mores reflected in his writing are presented in this lesson.
This site provides information for students about Puritan communities and reason for the Salem Witch Trials.
Students will explore the impact of an author's personal history on his or her creative life within the context of society's social mores.
This novel study provides discussion questions, a grading rubric, and extension activities. An additional activity focuses on the character of Pearl. Audio is provided for vocabulary definitions. Note: This site includes advertising.
This site provides information about Nathaniel Hawthorne and discussion activities for a novel study of "The Scarlet Letter".

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