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Teaching Tips: Reading for ELL Middle School Students

These sites provide activities for ELL students to hear spoken English, practice fluency, and learn to use inflection. A link to eThemes resource about basic language skills for ESL students is included.


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These articles on health issues, social issues, and healthy living are available with audio in English and Spanish. ELL students can practice reading along with the audio for fluency.
This activity involves students reading nonfiction text and recognizing the important facts to put into their notes.
This activity assists students in learning how to "read" images for a variety of contextual meanings while participating in content areas classes.
This article describes an ELL teacher's used of "protocols" to build students' cognitive academic language proficiency.
Use this library of instructional videos to assist students in learning science, history and arithemtic. Students view and listen to lessons in English for examples of pacing, vocabulary, and expression.
These sites are full of basic English word learning games and quizzes with interesting images and sounds. There are also some simple stories and English survival skills for students.

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