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These sites include information about breads from around the world, how to make bread, and what makes bread rise. Includes lesson plans, recipes, science experiments, pictures, and videos.


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Learn more about the history of bread; including a section on bread and the law.
Inside this article, find and introduction to how bread works, bread basics, three experiments, let's bake and more. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This lesson helps students to learn to identify breads from different countries. Includes: goal, objectives, prerequisite behavior, materials needed, lesson outline,and assessment and evaluation.
Learn about breads from different countries through this book. The site includes extension activities to go along with this book. NOTE: Site includes ads.
This 13-page PDF cookbook includes recipes on how to make bread from around the world.
This site provides information about the science behing breadmaking; includes a link to a gluten animation.
This yeast-air ballon activity helps students learn what yeast can do.
See these artistic German bread masterpieces.
This instructional video walks you through the process through making homemade bread. (Total Running Time: 10:38) Note: This site includes a discussion board (message board, forum, etc.)
Learn about the sciecne behind bread making by watching this video. (Total Running Time: 2:35) NOTE: This site includes ads.

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