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Maps: Utah: Geography and Landforms

Learn about Utah regions, its climate, resources, and biomes. Learn about state’s native animals, birds, reptiles, fish and their natural habitats. Find out about geological highest and lowest points of the state. The sites include relief maps, print-outs, panoramic photographs, and quizzes. There are links to eThemes Resources on Utah’s history, geography, mammals, endangered species, and more


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This one-page PDF file has a color shaded relief map of Utah. It includes state boundaries, forest cover, and names.
Learn here about the state of Utah, its name, and animal symbols. Find out what is Utah's highest point and major rivers and lakes are. Includes map print-outs and quizzes.
Learn about Utah's physical geography, climate, weather, natural hazards, and landforms on this site. There are also links from this website to web pages about: the Great Salt Lake, the Colorado Plateau, the Great Basin, the Wasatch Mountains, and other Utah landforms.
Teach students about Utah's geological history with this fifth grade lesson plan from the Utah Education Network. Links to PDFs and websites with required booklets are included. NOTE: Teaching kits are also available from the Utah Geological Survey for a refundable deposit.
This site has articles and photographs of Utah national and state parks, canyons, and valleys. Click on the "QTVR" link at the top to view panoramic images of the state's landscape.
Learn about Utah's history and the people who lived in the area. Includes information about Native American tribes, pioneer settlers, and Mormons. View historical photographs and read diaries written 150 years ago. Find out what the state name means. There are links to eThemes Resources on Utah's state symbols, the transcontinental railroad, and pioneer life.
These sites are about the different geographical regions and landforms in Utah. Learn about the Uinta Basin, Escalante National Monument, and the "Four Corners" as well as land use history of the Colorado Plateau. Includes the link to eThemes Resource: Utah Rocks and Minerals.
Read descriptions and learn about the behavior and habitats of the mammals that live in Utah. The animals include Rocky Mountain elk, badger, bobcat, black bear, deer, martens, and more. Find out how these mammals adapt, migrate, or hibernate to survive the cold winter months. There are links to many eThemes Resources on mammals, bats, foxes, wolves, Utah endangered species, and more.
These sites are about endangered animals in Utah. The animals include the gila monster, southwestern willow flycatcher, black-footed ferret, and more. Learn about their habitat, diet, and behavior. There is also information about a few extinct or extirpated animals.

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