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Interviewing Senior Citizens and Grandparents

These sites include sample questions for interviewing senior citizens, the elderly, and grandparents. There are also sites about Grandparents’ Day, and collecting the life stories of others. There are links to eThemes Resource on grandparents, Grandparents Day, and aging.


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This article shares eight things to keep in mind as you generate and ask interview questions. NOTE: This site includes ads.
Follow these basics when creating your interview questions and obtain rich information from your source. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This list provides 22 sample questions that you can use as a springboard for interviewing your grandparents.
These basic instructions walk you through setting up the time/date for the interview, things you'll need during the interview, and topics of conversation. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This article gives advice for interviewing family members, including a break down of potential questions to ask according to categories such as: birth and childhood, home, school, work, fun, marriage and children, and values. NOTE: This site includes ads.
This list of potential questions for interviewing a family member is divided into categories. Including, grandparents, childhood, the family house, family relations, family income, days and seasons, friends and games, school, transportation, outlook, addle life, higher education, marriage and philosophy.
This site provides ideas on gathering stories from the elderly. There are great sample interview questions as well as more information about storytelling.
This site provides some questions that are asked to grandparents but could also be used to interview senior citizens.
These sites include information on aging and its affect on the human body. Learn how a person's appearance changes with age. Includes interactive quizzes, an animation, and face changing images.
These websites are about grandparents and their special relationships with their grandchildren. Includes lesson plans, printable activities, and booklists. There are also resources on dealing with the death of a grandparent. There are links to eTheme resources on Grandparents Day, Aging, and Interviewing Senior Citizens and Grandparents.
These sites have activities for celebrating Grandparents Day, which is the first Sunday following Labor Day. Includes titles of children's books about grandparents and craft ideas. There are links to eThemes Resources on interviewing senior citizens and aging.

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