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Author Study: Marcus Pfister

Learn about author Marcus Pfister and “The Rainbow Fish” series. Classroom discussion scripts, art activities and dramatization opportunities are given. There is a link to an eThemes Resource on themes of friendship in literature.


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The site provides author information, a downloadable coloring sheet, and classroom activities.
Students can view this video after sharing the book.
After reading and discussing "The Rainbow Fish", students create their own rainbow fish. A downloadable fish reproducible is provided. A vocabulary activity involves important words from the book and placing scales on the fish.
Here are book reviews and illustrations to be used with this book. Invite students to create a book review of their favorite Rainbow Fish story.
Involve students in an underwater exploration of the sea to inspire their creativity and as they learn about the ocean and animals that live in the sea. Students will can listen to stories and poems and then write their own stories and poems.
The book, "Rainbow Fish: The Copycat Fish" can be shared with students. Then discuss copycats and what to do about them. Lastly, students work on copycat math games.
Create and play this game as a tie-in with the story, "The Rainbow Fish".
See this activity that involves reading and discussing the book, "Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale". Students create a three-dimensional Rainbow Fish and work together to make a Big Blue Whale. Students can dramatize the story using their puppets.
Use the book, "The Rainbow Fish", with primary aged children to stimulate a discussion on sharing. This activity includes a science and an art project.
This site provides a book discussion and art activity to accompany the book, "The Rainbow Fish".
These sites have tips on making friends and how to resolve common problems that threaten friendships. There are several classroom activity ideas to help foster friendships among students. Includes lists of recommended children's books as well as links to eThemes Resources on books that include this theme.

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