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Nutrition: Healthy Food Choices

Discover new and healthy recipes, ideas for shopping for good food on a limited budget, and interactive trackers for nutritional meals. Student-created videos about healthy eating and professional media presentations will engage and inform students. An eThemes resource on obesity is provided.


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Come to this site for tips on healthy eating, free materials, nutrition videos, and more.
This site provides numerous articles on healthy eating, proper snacks, reasons to pack your lunch and much more. There are surveys to take on emotional eating and diets. Articles are also in Spanish.
Use this interactive site to learn how to make a commitment to healthy eating and 60 minutes of daily physical activity. Includes success stories, challenge videos, and grant information to become a healthy school are given.
Visit this site for articles and activities involving healthy eating for teens. Snack foods, creating nutritious meals on a limited budget are some of the topics. NOTE: This site contains a blog.
This site is an all-inclusive nutrition education and physical activity curriculum in English and Spanish.
Use this site to learn about different kinds of food, portion control, printable recipes, and exercise for a healthy life.
This link provides some online resources including maps, wallet guides, and lists for healthy eating. This link is part of PBS lesson plan included in Food, Inc.
While this site may be for younger students, middle schoolers will enjoy playing "Pick Chow", an interactive game to build healthy meals. Great recipes are also available for meals, snacks, and brain foods for test day!
This site from the CDC provides healthy recipes, healthy dining decisions, and tips for power packing a lunch.
In this activity, students will learn what a healthy diet is, assess their eating habits to check if they are maintaining a healthy diet, and learn about the interaction between metabolism, calories, and diet.
Learn about a healthy school lunch program and the organic garden program at a middle school.
One of the serious health problems of modern America is childhood obesity. Read about the dangers of childhood obesity. Use the interactive calculator on KidsHealth to find out if you are overweight. Included on this site are eThemes resources on eating disorders, diet and nutrition, and diabetes.

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