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U.S. President: Thomas Jefferson

These sites provide research opportunities, writing activities, and interactive guides related to U.S. President Thomas Jefferson. Includes information on his home, Monticello, as well as his life and times. Included are eThemes Resources on U.S. Presidents and Historical Documents: The Declaration of Independence.


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Use this site with students to research the life of Thomas Jefferson. Lesson plans are given and students can create a "My Favorites" folder to organize and save materials.
Use this site for student research. Articles on Jefferson's life, Lewis and Clark, Monticello and the Declaration of Independence are given. A Teacher section as well as a virtual tour of the house is included.
Students research Thomas Jefferson and what life was like during his time. A link to "A Day in the Life" website is given. Students then write an original short story about a child living at Monticello.
View primary source documents such as map, crop rotation notes, and read what life was like on this plantation.
In this lesson, students research Thomas Jefferson's complicated views of slavery. Video, downloadable hand-outs, and additional websites are given.
Watch this brief overview video about the life of Thomas Jefferson. NOTE: This site requires a subscription but a free trial is available.
Listen as "Thomas Jefferson" reads the words of The Declaration of Independence, and about his passion for engineering and science.
In this lesson, students study the accomplishments of Thomas Jefferson and determine why he was chosen to be placed on the U.S. coin, the Nickel. A writing activity is included.
Students look closely at what Thomas Jefferson did at his home in comparison to what Presidents have done in the White House. Research and note-taking skills are part of this activity.
In this activity, students will learn about the numerous accomplishments of Thomas Jefferson and what he chose to place in his epitaph. Students will discuss Jefferson's accomplishments and write an original epitaph.
These sites have biographies of the presidents of the United States and their wives. Includes information about election trivia, debates, and inaugural addresses, plus some online games. There are links to eThemes Resources on the executive branch and several individual presidents
Read Thomas Jefferson's drafts and final version of the Declaration of Independence and see an image of the original document. Includes biographies on the signers, plus paintings that depict the scene. Includes a link to an eThemes Resource on the Revolutionary War where you can learn about the events that led up to the signing.

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