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Special Education: Autism Awareness

Use the resources in this site to teach young children about autism and how to be a friend to someone with autism. Articles include ideas on managing a inclusive classroom to starting a reverse mainstream club called “Kids Just Like Us”. Booklists written by and for children with autism are given. Also included are eTheme Resources on Handwriting Skills for Students with Autism and Special Education: Teaching Resources.


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Created by four educators, this site features many links to assist teachers to help students or child with autism. "Kids Just Like Us Club": A Reverse Mainstream Program developed to create and provide opportunities for inclusive education for students with autism.
These articles from The Autism Society assist educators teaching children about autism. A downloadable brochure, "Growing Up Together" explains that classmates they meet may have autism and how to be their friend. A list of books written by or for kids about autism is given.
Designed for educators, this site has a video interview with Cynthia Lord, author of "Rules", which deals with autism. An interview with a teacher and mom of an autisic child provides important information about autism. She shares ideas for an inclusive classroom and a book list. NOTE: Site contains ads.
This brief article discusses how a book club helped children understand what it is like to have a sibling with autism and importance of having conversations about autism.
This article provides information about autism for children. Additional links about kids with special needs and how cliques make kids feel left out are available. An audio feature allows students to listen to the article, and font size can be enlarged for easier reading along. Available in Spanish.
See these suggestions from Dr. Ken Shore to assist an autistic student make connections with peers. NOTE: This site contains advertising.
These websites contain information about how to help Autistic students having difficulties with handwriting skills. Includes interventions to facilitate handwriting skills as well as some practice exercises to improve handwriting skills.
These sites provide special education teaching resources, lesson plans, information for parents, and classroom activities. Topics include learning disabilities, autism, and subject matter areas. There is a link to eThemes Resource on Teaching Tips: Learning Disabilities.

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