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Music: Importance of Music For Young Children

Teach Preschool children about instruments, rhythm, and moving to music. Invite children to bring in their favorite song or music from their culture and share it with the class. Counting and singing are also part of an activity. Music videos of familiar characters and from songsters for kids are provided. Articles about the value of music education are included.


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Use this article from "Education World" to learn more about the importance of music education. Links to Music Advocacy sites are given. NOTE: Site contains advertising.
Use this activity with PreK students for movement and instrument fun. Additional books and music suggestions are given.
In this activity, children bring in their favorite music that reflects their culture or that they enjoy at home. Share the music in class and discuss. Children can dance to or play instruments with the music.
Use this site to teach about many kinds of musical instruments with the Sesame Street Cast.
Watch this with children to see clips of music and dance from all over the world. Sesame Street has a large number of playlists available at their site.
This site has the largest collection of kids songs on the Internet-lyrics, videos, and music. Links to articles about kids' songs and nursery rhymes are included. NOTE: Site includes ads.
Have fun teaching these songs to children and then sing along to the music videos with Little Critter. Downloadable lyrics are given. Additional song videos that match Little Critter books are also provided.
This site has free downloadable "kids" music videos and songs. Information about music artists for children is included. NOTE: Site includes ads.
From PBS, Martha helps children make music through this interactive activity.
This site provides information about instruments, a basic tutorial, and activities composing and playing music.
Use this site for favorite children's songs, lyrics, and music. Patriotic songs are also included.
In this activity, students practice following a pattern and become familiar with the concept of beat and tempo. Use of an interactive, Bandleader, allows children to create their own rhythm piece.
Children imitate the sounds of a tropical rainforest by making rain sticks from cardboard tubes and seeds. Complete lesson plan is provided.
Watch young musicians play and find instructions to make maracas. Background information on orchestras is given.
From Wonderopolis comes this brief video of a preschool child learning to play the harmonica. A link to making a harmonica at home is also given.
Share this activity with children as they sing and count with "The Ants Go Marching". Math, singing, and listening skills are accomplished.
This activity provides movement/dance and art as children interpret songs. Additional books and DVD's are suggested.
This brief video displays various instruments preschoolers would use in musical games.

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