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Teaching Tips: MAP Practice for Eighth Grade Science

These sites provide online study sessions and reviews for eighth grade science MAP topics. Students can independently review a topic and take a quiz. Several of the online quizzes provide feedback and explanation of the answers. A link to eTheme Teaching Tip: MAP Test Tips is provided.


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Use practice questions and explanations of examples with students. Links to additional testing resources are given.
Tutorials, lessons, practice quizzes are provided. Additional links to other practice lessons are given.
Students can view the slide show reviews and then test themselves on subtopics of plants. Related Jams on plants are given. Additional Study Jams on Animals, Energy Light, and much more.
This site from Oswego, NY, provides online test practice and reviews for Earth Science topics.
Use the many science videos to review topics. NOTE: This site requires a subscription but does provide a free trial.
Watch the tutorials in biology, astronomy, and physics. Topics can be searched and students can work at their own pace.
Students can practice using these examples from OAKS Online Assessment.
These practice questions come from test results released by the Virgina Department of Education. Test items are provided with explanations of answers. Users can select the number of desired test items per session.
These sites contain information about the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) tests. Review released items from different subjects and grade levels. Includes tips for parents and educators on how to prepare students. There are also templates for making constructed responses, performance tasks, and performance events.

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