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Library Skills: Citing Sources

As part of the research project, students are expected to create bibliographies to cite their sources. The video demonstrates why students must cite their sources. The citation tools make it easy for all ages of students to be successful in creating a bibliography. Several of the citation tools include instructional videos on the tool and aspects of the research process. Includes links to eThemes Resources on copyright and writing a research paper.


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NoodleBib MLA is a starter tool for students to create citations. Under "Help", scroll down to "Using the free NoodleBib MLA Starter tool" to create a free account.
Use these steps to create a citation. Students have the option to sort citations into alphabetical order and save them.
Use this site for Bibliographic Citation Format for Elementary Students by grade level. Additional reference links are included such as EasyBib: Information Literacy Lesson Plans for grades 6-12, copyright, and more citation sources tools.
Zotero is a free and simple tool to use for collecting information, organizing it, citing and sharing sources. This tool is free but must be downloaded.
This lesson was developed for a class research project which includes a bibliography. Supporting files on the right side of the lesson provide documents to assist in teaching the lesson.
Provided for free, this site makes creating a citation as easy as typing in the source information. Registered users can save their citations and organize them.
See this lesson plan for conducting research, evaluating sites, and preparing citations. Included is a BrainPop video on citations. NOTE: Site requires membership.
Use this interactive site to create citations for books, magazines, movies, websites, and more. It is free although users can make donations to support the site. A Help and FAQ button assists users to solve problems. Bibliographies can be saved.
This brief video explains what kinds of information needs to be cited. Best used with upper elementary students. Note: This site contains advertising.
These sites focus on the steps involved in writing a research paper. Learn how to brainstorm a topic, organize information, use transition words, and write bibliographies. There are tips and handouts on how to evaluate online sources, plus links to child-safe search engines. Includes links to eThemes Resources on online resources and graphic organizers
Learn about copyright law and the rules regarding the use of images, music, movies, text, software, and more. Find out if your use of copyrighted material falls under the Fair Use policy. Try the online calculator to determine if a work is in the public domain. Includes student activities. There is a link to eThemes Resource on Cyberethics: Downloading Music from the Internet.

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